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Learning the Violin

Lessons for children

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Primary age children attend lessons with a helper parent (who need not be musician themselves). They observe, take notes and/or record parts of the lesson as required. They are then able to supervise practice at home. When pupils move on to secondary schools, many pupils will still value their parent sitting in the lessons although some prefer to attend by themselves.

I believe parental involvement is crucial. My style of teaching is particularly suitable for parents who enjoy being quite closely involved with their children’s more general learning, eg by helping with reading or homework.

I have a very flexible online booking system. I usually suggest Pay As You Go lessons at first, giving you the chance to sample lessons one at a time, without commitment. When the pupil is ready, a weekly lesson is the best way to encourage daily practice. This in turn will enable a good rate of progress which will inspire and motivate the pupil.

Weekly lessons are in a reserved slot at a mutually convenient time, with a termly fee. The lesson time generally remains the same for one academic year, unless you need to change it. Make-up lessons are offered for lessons missed by the pupil for any reason so that the lesson fee is not wasted.

I offer a choice of lesson lengths to suit learners of any age.

Lessons for Adults

Adults are generally much more able to retain information in between lessons, and more naturally self-motivated. They are often a lot busier with everything else in their lives! My adult pupils tend to use the Pay As You Go system to book lessons of a length and regularity which suits them, and with the flexibility to fit around other commitments. 

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Finding a Suitable Violin

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A suitable instrument is essential. The quality of the set-up is the first consideration, and for children, the correct size is essential. Most violins bought direct from the internet and even many from general music shops will be difficult and unsatisfying to play. If you do not have a violin, please wait until I can advise you – I can always provide a violin for use during the first lesson or two and sometimes I can lend you one for a couple of weeks, so there is no need to buy in advance.

Online Consultations

Holiday boosters & Extra help

Online lessons are becoming more popular as technology improves, although I do not recommend it for children, or for complete beginners of any age. However, for more advanced violinists seeking a consultation, or those actively preferring the more at-a-distance style, or those in remote areas who do not have regular access to an expert teacher, I do offer occasional online lessons, usually via zoom.

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Whether you live locally or you are perhaps visiting the beautiful West Country on holiday, and are interested in some additional violin input, perhaps to supplement lessons you take during term time with your existing teacher, I can offer anything from a single one-off lesson to a bespoke “course” over a week or longer period. Just let me know what you have in mind!