Violin Tuition


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I also offer one-to-one tuition (in person if you are local, or via Zoom if non-local / international) as follows:

Single Lesson (60 min, by request, in person or Zoom) £36.00

Single Video Review (a written report of your video up to 20 min, submitted via YouTube link) £36.00

ONE TERM of lessons (30 min weekly reserved slot, in person or Zoom) £198.00

ONE TERM of lessons (45 min weekly reserved slot, in person or Zoom) £297.00

ONE TERM of lessons (60 min weekly reserved slot, in person or Zoom) £396.00

ONE TERM of theory lessons (30 min weekly reserved slot, Zoom only) £198.00

Term of Lessons: A ‘term’ means weekly lessons at your mutually agreed reserved weekly time between the dates shown below. Please be aware that time given by me is more than the actual contact time with the pupil.  Actual number of lessons per term may vary – I do not count them up and the termly charge is not a weekly charge multiplied up. Replacements for missed weeks are not given automatically but if requested, I will rearrange a lesson if possible. To get the full worth of your fee: adequate practice at home is required. You are not obliged to take a lesson every single week but preparation in advance is expected for each lesson taken. If I determine that insufficient practice is taking place, I may conclude that I am not the correct teacher for the pupil and therefore decline to offer a subsequent term. Mid-term starters: It may be possible to commence lessons mid-term in which case I will determine a reduction in the fee (first term of lessons only). There is no notice period: purchasing one term of tuition does not commit you to purchasing further tuition – it is your choice. Zoom: sessions will require sufficient broadband speed (ie which enables video calling without frequent freezes etc). Parents of children below age 11: will need to attend face-to-face and Zoom lessons together with their child. Fees become due in full, on or before the second lesson of each term. (Payment in two installments is possible by prior arrangement.)

TERM 1: Monday 6th Sept 2021 to Friday 17th December 2021
TERM 2: Monday 3rd January 2022 to Friday 6th April 2022
TERM 3: Mon 18th April 2022 to Friday 22nd July 2022